Cider and Craft Beer

Cider has been getting a lot of attention lately as a follow up to the craft beer surge in recent years. There is a Cider Week (similar to Craft Beer Week) going on right now in New York City and even a well-known brewer like Greg Hall (formerly of Goose Island) crossed over with his new company Virtue Cider. This week the Tour de France restaurant group is featuring cider as part of its Apple, Sausage, and Beer festival by pairing one of the dishes with Docs Draft Cider. But not the whole craft beer community is supportive of the cider trend. Brooklyn Brewery founder Steve Hindy commented to the Brewers Association in May that “we don’t need cider…but that’s just my opinion.”

Do the similarities between the craft beer and cider trends mean there should be more collaboration and attention given to each other? Or should the craft beer business be treating cider like just another beverage option and leave it up to consumers to find their way?

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