Founders Bolt Cutter hits NYC

Founders is continuing its popular Backstage Series with a 15th anniversary Bolt Cutter, a 15% ABV barley wine. The beer is a blend of a barley wine, some of which has been aged in bourbon barrels, some of which in maple syrup bourbon barrels and some not at all. The brewery then aged the beer in bottles and kegs since July. The name “Bolt Cutter” carries some sentimental value for the owners who once bought a pair of bolt cutters when their lenders threatened to chain up the brewery. The beer has already hit beer stores and started selling out. There are two events this week celebrating Founders beers, including Bolt Cutter.

Thursday November 29, Barcade will be pouring the five of Backstage Series beers along with a serious list of the brewery’s other beers. The Backstage Series beers will be tapped sequentially each hour beginning at 4 p.m. with Bolt Cutter and making their way to Blushing Monk at 8 p.m. (Canadian Breakfast Stout will be at 7 p.m.). Among the other beers Barcade will be serving are 2010 Nemesis (a dark barley wine), 2011 Imperial Stout, Devil Dancer, and Harvest Ale. On Friday, Beer Authority will host a somewhat less ambitious line up including Bolt Cutter, Breakfast Stout, and Backwoods Bastard. Mike Stevens, owner and founder of Founders, will be on hand for both events.

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