TØRST, Greenpoint

We’ve recently seen an influx of great beer bars into neighborhoods like Crown Heights and Greenpoint, places that were previously beer deserts. In fact, Greenpoint is home to Torst, a bar that might be more obsessive about caring for their quality beer than any other in the city. If the tap list and draft system are the indicators of a bar’s quality, Tørst’s position at the top is solid. The bar is has a specially designed “flux capacitor” that individually sets the temperature and carbonation for the 36 taps. Drafts are usually poured in two or three different amounts for those who want to try different beers or keep their bar tab low (a difficult task in this bar). The list usually hits a wide range of flavors from refreshing and hoppy beers like Carton Boat Beer to The Breuery’s sour stout, Tart of Darkness.

The bottle menu is deep with quality bottles from gypsy brewers like Evil Twin (whose Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergsø helps run the beer program at Tørst) and Stillwater Artisanal Ales and hard to find imports from breweries like Cantillon and Alvinne. In the bar area the cheese plate is among the best in the city and is served with a dense and delicious housemade rye bread. The back room houses the restaurant Luksus where the tasting menu from chef Daniel Burns, formerly of Momofuku, will run you $75 with an additional $45 for alcoholic beverage pairings or $25 for non-alcoholic.

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