Wheat Beer Risotto

After some discouraging beer cooking experiments, we decided to find and follow a recipe. We looked through the book Cooking With Beer, by Paul Mercurio, that our awesome friends Jackie and Mike gave Giancarlo for Christmas.

There are of course some delicious looking recipes in the book, but the tomato and arugula wheat beer risotto caught our attention. We love risotto. Being Italian, making good risotto is practically in Giancarlo’s genetic makeup. He’s pretty amazing at it. Which is lucky for me, because I love eating it.

Normally, we follow a family recipe of cooking the rice down in chicken stock and adding cheese and peas. This recipe called for 8 cups of chicken stock and a 12 oz bottle of wheat beer. We got a bottle of Schneider Weisse for the ocassion and decided to use one cup of it.

The recipe called for chunks of tomatos and arugula. The tomatoes and the arugula at our grocery store looked pretty gnarly, so we substituted halved grape tomatoes and baby spinach.

The result was fantastic. The risotto was so delicious, and reheated leftovers the next day were also creamy and tasty. We loved this recipe so much that the next time we made our risotto recipe we used beer. Yum.

To make this recipe yourself, mix a wheat beer that you like into the rice along with the stock. You won’t be sorry.

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