Reinventing the Craft Beer Snack

Fine, well-made craft beer deserves a snack that can stand up to it, one that’s creators put just as much care into as the brewers put into the beer. This is what a group of friends set out to do with their company SlantShack Jerky. 

It started small, with the team making homemade jerky in co-founder Josh Kace’s apartment. They brought their product to food markets in New York and decided to expand and make it a real business after they achieved some notoriety. The friends found a family farm in Vermont – Vermond Highland Cattle Company – to partner with, that would take over production of their jerky.

“We didn’t set out to start a business,” said David Koretz, cofounder and COO. “We were just a group of friends having fun and doing something really awesome.”

Being craft beer fans themselves, Koretz says they always saw a natural connection between their product and the craft beer movement. “We view what we’re trying to do with this product as similar to what people are trying to do with craft beer,” Koretz noted.

With SlantShack, the group sought to “reinvent the snack that goes really well with craft beer,” he added. “There aren’t many foods that can sit at a bar and pair really well with [the beverage].”

When thinking about beer and jerky pairings, Koretz suggests stouts and porters to go along with SlantShack’s maple glazed jerky, agressive hoppy beers to complement the spicier jerkies, and rye lagers with the signature Jerk McGurk’s Wild RubDown.

To make jerky pairings more accessible, Koretz says they’re working on how best to incorporate beer, wine and cheese pairings onto the packaging.

Though production is now in Vermont, Koretz affirms that the process is no different than when they were making in Kace’s NYC apartment. The SlantShack team strives to innovate while raising the standards. “We make something that’s really high quality, that’s honest, fresh and transparent, but also we have fun while doing it…It’s literally like a steak in your pocket.”

All photos courtesy SlantShack Jerky.

This post is sponsored by SlantShack Jerky

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