La Birreria

La Birreria is a beautiful place to eat Italian food and drink top notch beers. The brew pub is a perfect combination of Italian food, Manhattan style, and the creativity of American and Italian craft beer. The rooftop brewpub is covered by a retractable glass roof which gives diners and drinkers an unusual perspective on the city. La Birreria’s brewers craft some of the more unique beers in the city like Gina, a pale ale brewed with Thyme or Wanda, a mild brewed with chestnuts. All the in house brews are served on cask, a traditional way of serving beer either by hand pump or gravity from a naturally carbonated cask (there is no carbon dioxide pump into the beer as with normal taps). The brew pub also serves a wide selection of craft beer on tap and in bottles. Dogfish Head, Birra del Borgo, and Birrifico Baladin, (the breweries that collaborate on the house beer) are heavily represented in the beer list but so are local breweries like Barrier, Empire, and Victory.

The restaurant offers house made sausages and grilled meats but our pick is a cheese plate (the plate of honey and roasted hazelnuts that comes with the cheese is amazing) and a meat plate paired with a few beers. Be careful about when you visit the restaurant, waits to get up to the roof are routinely forty-five minutes to an hour. We suggest an early lunch arrival during the week or as early as possible during the weekend. If you are only looking to visit the bar the wait can be significantly shorter. Besides the long waits the beer is pricey, especially the house beers which run at $10 a pint.

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