508 GastroBrewery and Spider Bite Beer Co.

On Tuesday 508 GastroBrewery released a collaboration beer, the Gastrobite Black Wheat Saison, brewed with Spider Bite Beer Company.

“Larry Goldstein and Paul Kretzer are great! ” says 508 Brewer Chris Cuzme, who took over as brewmaster of the Tribeca brewpub in November. “We had a blast brewing this beer, especially since of all my collaborations (thus far) these guys are the first to come in that generally brew on a smaller system than I do (with the exception of their very large batches).  And I only yield 50 gallons at a time! So it was very fun to share the little franken-brewery that is 508 with them.”  (Some of 508’s brewing system is pictured here.)

The two breweries spoke at TAPNY about the recipe, which they decided would be a black wheat saison. The grist is 50 percent wheat and 50 percent pilsner, with a small percentage of midnight wheat and acidulated malt. It’s slightly spiced and has a touch of lemongrass in the recipe.

“It’s always fun working with a different system.  Each one has its quirks and means of working the grain into wort and beer. So that was exciting,” noted Larry Goldstein, co-founder and brewmaster of Spider Bite Beer Co., a Long Island-based brewery that launched in 2011.  “We are quite happy with the results so far.” Spider Bite

The result? “A little citrus from the touch of lemongrass, light light roast from debittered black wheat, some zing from the dance of acidulated malt, and subtle white pepper phenols from the french saison yeast. Diagnosis: deeeeeeeelicious!” said Cuzme in an email message.

Both breweries have more collaborations in the works. Spider Bite with Community Beer Works in Buffalo, and 508 with a Homebrew series and brewing with other local beer people including BR Rolya of Shelton Brothers, Jennifer Schwartman of Blind Tiger, Damian Brown of the Bronx Brewery, and Mary Izett, who brews a “Pillow Talk” series with Cuzme.

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