The Blue Dot BeerUnion Hops Pendant

It’s always awesome to have talented and artistic friends.

This year for my birthday my great friend Caitlin made me a silver necklace with a hops cone pendant. Pause to think about how amazing that is: a hops pendant!

Caitlin designs and makes jewelry out of precious metal clay through her business Blue Dot Jewelry. She forms pieces in the clay and fires them off in the kiln. The clay is made of small particles of silver mixed with particles to bind it together. When fired, the binding particles burn away, and you’re left with pure silver.

We’ve decided to co-brand with Caitlin on the hops pendant necklace. Check it out here! Wear your love of beer around your neck.

You can find more of Caitlin’s designs on her website, at the Brooklyn Museum and at various boutiques and craft fairs throughout NYC, including the Brooklyn Renegade Craft Fair. A few of her pieces are also featured on Uncovet!

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