Total Crown Heights Immersion

The Total Immersion events that Brooklyn Based and the Brooklyn Brewery hold each summer have hit some of the city’s most interesting and rising neighborhoods like Red Hook, Bushwick, and Astoria.

This Saturday September 7 the series heads to Crown Heights, a neighborhood that has seen an explosion of new businesses in the past few years, particularly on and around Franklin Avenue. The first 500 people to pick up one of the Immersion Cards at either Franklin Park or Nostrand Avenue Pub will have access to deals and some free beers in the neighborhood during the day.

Free Brooklyn Brewery beers can be found at Franklin Park, Nostrand Avenue Pub, The Crown Inn, and Catfish. Brunch at the popular pizza spot Barboncino will include glasses of the  Local 1. The event includes more than just beer with discounts and free items at stores like Owl and Thistle General Store, Wedge Cheese Monger, Calabar Imports, Little Zelda, and Rosebud Vintage. Local artists will also be exhibiting their work at Hullabaloo Book Store which is scheduled to open on September 13.

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