The Crown Heights Immersion

Dutiful readers of this website will know that we live in Crown Heights. And that since we moved here, the beer scene has majorly improved. It’s like the beer gods knew we’d appreciate four great bars within a five minute walking distance of our apartment.

So last weekend, when the Brooklyn Brewery and Brooklyn Based hosted the Crown Heights Immersion, we joined in. Free beer at all of our favorite bars? It was the least we could do to participate.

Here’s how the immersion worked: 500 postcards were available for pickup at two locations. The cards entitled you to a free pour of Brooklyn Brewery beer at participating locations, as well as deals and discounts at non-beer spots around the neighborhood.

We picked up our cards at the Nostrand Avenue Pub, where Brooklyn Lager and Brooklyn Pennant Ale were poured.

Next stop was Catfish, which offered Cuvee la Boite and Sorachi Ace. We also enjoyed some biscuits with our beer.

After that we walked over to The Crown Inn for some Radius and Oktoberfest.

Lastly, we ended at Franklin Park with some Post Road Pumpkin Ale. An unofficial start to fall? We hope. Though temperatures this week may indicate otherwise.

My partner in crime with his pumpkin ale. 

Recently we’ve been doing more traveling than ever, so it was fun to spend some time in our ‘hood. It’s nice to remember how much we love where we live.

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