Local Craft Beer in NY Airports

Let’s face it: being in an airport sucks. Especially when your flight is delayed or you have an extra-long layover. So it’s nice to find out that if you do have to spend a lot of time in an airport, there’s some great craft beer you can imbibe.

This year, OTG Management, an airport food and beverage operator, launched two craft beer outlets at our local airports. In LaGuardia’s Delta Terminal C, visitors can now drink at Biergarten, and in JFK’s Terminal 2, BRKLYN Beer Garden is open for business.

The beers at Biergarten are curated by Garrett Oliver, brewmaster at the Brooklyn Brewery, and at BRKLYN Beer Garden the menus are designed by Chef Laurent Tourondel. You’ll find beers from local breweries like Brooklyn Brewery, The Bronx Brewery, Greenport and other New York offerings like Ommegang.

While neither of the bars is technically a beer garden – by definition a beer garden is an open-air space with communal seating and plants – they taken inspiration from them. “Beer gardens have historically been a gathering place for communities and celebrations, and are the inspiration for each restaurant,” said OTG Concept Chef Michael Coury in an email message.

Both restaurants have menus with German inspired eats like sausages, and in LaGuardia’s Biergarten ordering can be done from iPads, in over 20 languages.

Photos courtesy of OTG

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