Brooklyn Pour 2013

Brooklyn Pour, the annual beer festival from the Village Voice, returns to One Hanson this Saturday October 12. The venue is the old home of the Williamsburg Savings Bank with ornate decorations and a soaring ceiling on the first floor. The event will feature beers from some of the best local brewers like Barrier, Bronx Brewery, Sixpoint, and 508 Gastrobrewery. Dogfish Head, Victory, and Smuttynose are some of the popular regional brewers you’ll also find there.

Some of NYC’s great beer people will give presentations during the festival. Our very own homebrew columnist and founder of the popular blog Beertography John Kleinchester will give tips on how to compose the best beertography and host a festival contest. 508’s Chris Cuzme will give you a sense of New York City’s brewing community and how it relates to the national scene. Mary Izett, the co-host of Fuhmentaboudit on Heritage Radio, will cover the basics of starting a homebrewing operation in your apartment, however small it might be. Greg Avola, the co-founder of the popular mobile app Untappd, will present on some of the statistics gathered by the app.

VIP tickets are sold out but there are still general admission tickets available for $50. The event runs from 3 to 6 p.m. Food is available for purchase.

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