Holiday Gifts for Beer Geeks

Looking for a gift for the special beer lover in your life? Want to subtly offer someone suggestions for what to get you? We present the BeerUnion Gift Guide for 2013: Holiday Gifts for Beer Geeks.

1. The Blue Dot BeerUnion hops pendant* is beautifully made, and a great way to show off your beer love. Read more about it here.

2. We received this beer and food pairing calendar as a gift last year. It’s well made and looks good on our wall. And offers some delicious, seasonal beer pairings.

3. With 155 recipes the American Craft Beer Cookbook by John Holl is quite possibly the only craft beer cookbook you’ll ever need. Many of the recipes are made with beer, and all provide suggestions for beer pairings.

4. Heard of someone washing their hair with beer? It’s supposed to make your hair softer and shiny. Here’s a shampoo made from hops.

5. These tea towels are a great and absorbent addition to your kitchen.

6. Purchase a gift certificate for a beer-themed Urban Oyster tour*. A fun way to enjoy some tasty brews while expanding your beer knowledge.

7. Brooklyn Brew Shop’s homebrew kits are specifcally designed to be made in a small space. A chocolate maple porter would be delicious during the cold winter months.

8. Keep track of the beers you’ve enjoyed and write down tasting notes in this 33 Bottles of Beer journal.

9. This year Spiegelau partnered with Dogfish Head and Sierra Nevada to produce the first ever IPA beer glass. Gift your favorite hop head (or yourself) this two-pack.

*Partner of

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