Shiner Mac & Cheese

I am a sucker for mac and cheese. I’ve tried it all over NYC, because when I see it on a menu I’m powerless over it (my favorite, in case you’re wondering, is the truffle mac & cheese at Spitzer’s on the Lower East Side). But beer mac and cheese? Never had it.

So when I was flipping through John Holl’s cookbook to see what I should make next, and I came across a recipe from Pike Brewing Company for Kilt Lifter Mac & Cheese, it was over. I had to make it.

The dish uses Scotch ale. When shopping for ingredients we couldn’t find a Scotch Ale so we decided on Shiner Bock, since it has similar caramel flavors.

This dish is really good. Typing this right now is making my mouth water. Cheesy, creamy, with a cheese crust on top… yum. The beer comes through but isn’t too overpowering. I’m definitely making this again.

Mixing up the cheese sauce. The beer’s in there.

Pouring cheese sauce onto the al dente macaroni.

Just before topping with more grated cheese and popping in the oven.

Gooey, cheesy goodness. 

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