Urban Oyster Tour Guide David Naczycz

Before founding Urban Oyster in 2009, David Naczycz was a licensed tour guide, giving bike tours of Central Lark and some food walking tours of the West Village.

Now after building Urban Oyster into a successful neighborhood tour company, Naczycz has given all the tours that they offer. “I cover a lot of private tours and I cover tours when people are on vacation. Our newest tours, I always do the lions share of those until we get enough guides trained for them.”

But what’s his favorite? “That’s like picking my favorite child,” he laughs. Then he concedes, “my favorite tour is our first tour which is our Brewed in Brooklyn tour. It was my first and we poured our heart and soul into that thing and it’s so popular now and so many people enjoy it.”

Among the people who take his tours, Naczycz says there are some who have beer knowledge, but “we tend to appeal to more of your general beer drinker. Which is great, I actually like being in that space, because I to say I convert people from Blue Moon to Southampton Double White.”

Sometimes he or one of his other tour guides will have a person on a tour who grew up in the neighborhood. One such time was during the portion of the tour that walks through East Williamsburg, when an attendee spotted someone he knew in a window, and began chatting.

Naczycz has some loyal patrons as well. One who was on the third Brewed in Brooklyn tour they ever gave. “He came with one friend. just the two of them on the tour… he has become by far our best supporter. He goes on every tour we do. He teaches at a local college, and brings groups from the college on tours,” Naczycz notes. “It’s interesting in this business to have loyal customers who keep coming back. [This guy] was like the seventh customer of all time.”

This post is sponsored by Urban Oyster

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