Liquid Lent

From Ash Wednesday (March 5) through mid-April, Beer Sessions Radio will team up with a handful of East Village craft beer bars to celebrate “Liquid Lent: 40 Days of Beer.”

Tasting events and dinners will be held at ABC Beer Co., Burp Castle, d.b.a East Village, Eastwood, Jimmy’s No. 43, Malt & Mold, and Top Hops. Anyone in attendance can check in on Foursquare to get a Liquid Lent Badge. While the Lenten celebration will continue throughout the month, there will be a final event and pub crawl during the final weekend – April 11 through 13.

Special beers will include a selection of Trappist ales from Orval, Westmalle, Rochefort and La Trappe, and the St. Feuillen/Green Flash collaboration brews. Also featured will be Timmermans Lambics, Empire’s Aphro White, Finback Brewing’s Double Sess, Ommegang/Duvel, Nøgne ø Tiger Tripel. More will be announced as the month goes on.

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