Big Alice Brewing

After taking some time off from our book tour in April, we resumed book signings at the beginning of this month, with Big Alice Brewing in Long Island City.

Nanobrewery Big Alice Brewing was founded by friends and coworkers Kyle Hurst, Robby Crafton and Scott Berger. Overseen by Crafton, the brewing system is only 10 gallons, and each beer is unique. Sold in large-format bottles, Big Alice operates with a Community Supported Beer (CSB) system, where people purchase shares in the brewery and receive beers each month. Craften often sources ingredients at the farmers market, and past brews have featured ingredients like mango oranges, black currant tea, and curry.

Big Alice is coming up on its first anniversary, as well as its 100th beer, which will be a sour smoked stout.

Our many thanks go to Hurst, Crafton and Berger for an awesome book signing event!

Hurst, Berger and Crafton

The ladies of Long Island bottle shop Hoptron Brewtique stopped by! 

The brewery’s taproom is located at 808 43rd Rd. in Long Island City and is open on Fridays from 5 to 7:30 p.m.

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