Beer Gifts for Dads

Father’s Day is coming fairly quickly. Does your dad love beer? Maybe he’ll love some of these beer gifts for dads.

1. Beer Lover’s New York – There are few things that dads who love beer like more than visiting local breweries. Our book will show you the best breweries, brewpubs, and bars in the New York State. Complete with reviews, maps, pub crawls, and recipes, the book is a great gift for your beer loving dads or for dads who you want to start exploring beer. Currently on sale on Amazon for $14.14.

2. Urban Oyster Tour – This gift is great, because you can join in. Beer tours are among the best summer activities with Dad. Get tickets to an Urban Oyster craft beer tour like the New York Harbor Craft Beer Sail or the NYC Brewery Tour. Tickets $65-$105 per person.

3. Brewshop 101 Class at Bitter and Esters – If you have a project minded father who likes making his own stuff consider getting him started on homebrewing with a Brewshop 101 class at Bitter and Esters in Brooklyn (plus then you get the added bonus of drinking the product). Tickets for the 2 hour class are $55 or you can splurge for the class and a 5 gallon starter kit at $142.50.

4. 32 oz Growler from Sixpoint Brewery – Sometimes the standard 64 oz growler is just too much, especially when you’re drinking solo. Dad can fill this 32 oz metal growler if he just wants to have a pint or two, or doesn’t want to share. Priced at $20.

5. Brooklyn Brew Shop Homebrewing Kit – If your dad is just getting into homebrewing or is a space conscious homebrewer looking for some fun recipes, a one-gallon Brooklyn Brew Shop kit is a great choice. Some of the great recipes include a Jalapeño Saison and a Grapefruit Honey Ale. Kits range from $15 for just ingredients or $40 for a kit that includes basic equipment.

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