A Look Inside the New Bronx Brewery

In the coming months, The Bronx Brewery is finally going to open a brewery of its own, in its namesake borough.

The brewery launched with its flagship Bronx Pale Ale in 2011. Started by Chris Gallant and brewer Damian Brown, Sean McCain joined the team a year later. Several seasonal beers followed the Pale Ale: a Rye Pale Ale, a Black Pale Ale, a Belgian Pale Ale and a Summer Pale Ale. Brown has also experimented with a handful of specialty beers. He brews on a contract basis at Cottrell Brewing Company in Connecticut, and the cans are produced at City Brewing Company in Wisconsin.

BeerUnion visited the Boogie Down to scope out the space. It’s a 20-barrel brewhouse, located at the edge of the South Bronx, just a couple blocks from the water. Gallant expects that when the brewery opens, it will become a great spot for drinkers to enjoy a few pints after work. Neighborhood locals have already been stopping by to get tours and check out what’s going on, he noted. The recent passage of the Craft Act will make a big impact on the Bronx Brewery, because it will mean the team can sell pints without getting a separate bar license.

When they got the space – previously an iron working facility and then a lace factory – the building was in disrepair. The trio has done a lot of the work themselves, which has resulted in a mishap or two, most notably when a fermenter fell on Gallant. The bar was built by Nate Weeb and designed by New Design Project, Gallant noted.

But you really want to know about the beers. With the new facility, the Rye Pale Ale and the Belgian Pale Ale will become year-round offerings. An IPA will be added to the lineup, and a new fall seasonal will launch – made with 25 percent apple fermentables from nearby Soons Orchard, located in Orange County.

The canning line.

A tap tower, brought back by Gallant’s uncle, from a bar that was closing in Germany while he was stationed there.

A dog run out back.

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