Big Alice Brewing to Expand

Big Alice Brewing Company, New York City’s smallest brewery, is getting big. Sort of. The tiny Queens-based brewery has been brewing some of the most interesting and creative beers around from its tiny 10 gallon system since last year. It sells its brews through a CSB (Community Supported Beer) program, in which shares are purchased in exchange for an allotment of bottles. This month the brewery announced that it will be expanding to a 5 barrel brewing system. The equipment is scheduled to arrive next week, so we should be seeing significantly more beer from Big Alice soon. We caught up with owner and brewer Kyle Hurst about the expansion:

Where are you getting the new equipment from?

The equipment is coming from a brewpub in Connecticut that is not renewing its lease.

When do you expect the new system to be up and running?

Knock on wood. If all goes well we hope to be on the new system in early September. It’s a bit aggressive but I’m always optimistic.

Will you still focus on brewing creative beers with unique flavor combinations?

Yes, that is Big Alice at its core.

How do you see the expansion changing the focus of Big Alice?

Our focus will still be on bringing our brand of unique beers directly to the public in Long Island City with increased hours and a taproom but our increased production will also allow us to add some wholesale accounts. I’m looking forward to seeing our tap handle alongside those of other great NY beers.

Will you have a flagship beer or brew several beers year round?

We anticipate changing our lineup of beers seasonally with no year round flagship.

Will you maintain the CSB shares?

We plan to continue our CSB shares but will most likely modify our current 2 bottle monthly offering. Details are still pending.

Courtesy of Big Alice Brewing’s twitter.

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