Brooklyn Local Craft Beer Festival

This fall has been teeming with festivals in and around the city. While many of you may be feeling some festival fatigue, this weekend’s Brooklyn Local Craft Beer Festival from Five Borough Beer Corp is looking to provide a different than usual experience. Instead of presenting attendees with an overwhelming array of beers from brewers throughout the country, they will be focusing exclusively on New York’s local brewers. Some of the city’s newest breweries, like Third Rail Beer and Flagship Brewing, will be joined by brewers from Long Island and Westchester. The hope is that attendees will get to spend more time getting to know the beers from these brewers. Food from Carpe Donut and Hops and Hocks, among others, will be available. The single session starts at noon on Sunday October 5 in Gowanus, Brooklyn at 420 Carroll Street. General admission tickets are $47.50 each. Here is the list of brewers:

Gun Hill Brewing
Finback Brewery
Flagship Brewing
Broken Bow Brewery
Rockaway Brewing
Spider Bite Beer Co
Lithology Brewing
Third Rail Beer
Yonkers Brewing
Barrier Brewing
Radiant Pig Craft Beers 

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