Braven Brewing Company Launching First Beer

bravenBraven Brewing Company, the brainchild of homebrewers and friends Marshall Thompson and Eric Feldman that was originally slated to open in 2014, is finally launching its first beer, Braven White. They’re throwing a Roll Out party at The Well in Bushwick.

On Friday, January 16, starting at 8 p.m., be one of the first to try Braven White, a our crisp, citrusy, easy-drinking white IPA. More info can be found on the Facebook event here.

BeerUnion spoke with Thompson and Feldman in November 2013 about what beers and breweries inspired them in their journey:

Brooklyn Brewery might seem like an obvious choice here due to its location, but really the story behind how Steve Hindy and Tom Potter started and sustained their business is inspirational. These two homebrewers from very different backgrounds (war journalist and investment banker) somewhat mirrors what Eric and I are trying to do and it’s amazing to see the trail they’ve blazed for small-time brewers like us,” said Thompson

“Pateros Creek was definitely an eye opener for us. The Dill Rye was admittedly one of those beers that people either loved or hated because of its unique taste. Breweries might not distribute a beer that they knew would totally divide the market but they can certainly offer it up in house and let people decide for themselves. It was a show of how creative we could do given the right platform. I’m from Long Island and am also really impressed with what they’ve done at Port Jeff Brewing Company, located just five minutes from where I grew up. They made the move from long-time home brewer to full time craft beer brewer and they captured the style of my hometown, so it’s great to see them succeeding and making awesome beers,” noted Feldman.

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