Adirondack at The Adirondack

mohauk 1

There are certain New York breweries we don’t often see in NYC, and the Adirondack Pub & Brewery is one of them. This Friday, January 9, starting at 7 p.m., the Lake George brewery will be on tap at Windsor Terrace watering hole The Adirondack.  The beers slated to be poured are the Iroquois Pale Ale, the Beaver Brown, Belgian Solstice, and Blackberry Stout. Each beer will be paired with a bite of food.

The Adirondack was opened in May of 2014 by Paul Hamill, Mike O’Neil, Leah Allen and Brandon Lenihan. “I think we’ll have a good selection and keeping focused on New York beers will set us apart a little,” Hamill told BeerUnion at that time. “There is no shortage of good beer brewed in the Empire State, both upstate and locally.  So many self-distributing little breweries are popping up all the time, that we can keep our draft list really varied and interesting without having to look beyond the New York borders… It’s a lot of fun and makes us feel good to support local breweries.”

This event makes good on his hopes. Adirondack Pub & Brewery has been a fixture on Northern New York’s beer scene since 1999. Started by homebrewer John Carr, the beers are mostly sessionable, and often their names refer to some type of Adirondack legend.

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