Do You Wanna Rye-It?

Brooklyn Brewery has been making and selling beers for over two decades, yet you wouldn’t think of them as old. We’re  constantly impressed by how Brooklyn innovates and pushes the boundaries. And we love how the lineup of beers is made up of tried and true mainstays combined with new and exciting special releases.

This week Brooklyn released I Wanna Rye-It. Says the brewery, “Brooklyn I Wanna Rye-It takes that wayward grain on a little joy ride through spicy flavors, a light smack of caramel, an explosive pop of hops and a sharp dry finish.” 


The beer was dreamt up by Brooklyn Production Manager Jimmy Valm, explained Brewmaster Garrett Okiver during the release party on Monday.

“Beer is primarily my heart but I drink a lot of rye whiskey,” continues Oliver. “Jimmy is kind of like rye. He’s a little bit loud a little bit spicy, and a little bit peppery.”

An excellent addition to the lineup. 

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