The New (New) BeerUnion

Hi there. You may notice that things look pretty different around here.
About two months ago we were clued into the fact that as of this week, if your website isn’t mobile friendly, Google will tank your search results. Unfortunately, our website was woefully out of date and not at all optimized for mobile devices. Being short on funds for a complete redesign, we tabled the discussion on what to do. (If you have a website and want to test it, go here.)

Then on March 20 a close family member (who is young and appeared healthy) almost died. 

The thing about sudden serious illness is that normal life goes on pause while you desperately hope the person will get better and things will sort themselves out. 

After two surgeries and two weeks in critical care, this family member is on the mend. It’s going to be a long road but he will recover. 

And once the fog lifted, we turned our attention here. 

Unfortunately we’re the type of people who, when confronted with a large amount of work, think of it all at once, get overwhelmed, and prefer to put it on the back burner. BeerUnion hasn’t been what we set out for it to be in a long time. As our schedules shifted, we weren’t able to post as often as we would have liked. Due to the way our site was designed, it showed.

So after a lot of thought, we decided to use the Google change as an opportunity instead of a burden. We’re going back to our roots. We’re back in blog format here, we plan to put more focus on writing, and less worry into what should populate our home page.

While we wish our family didn’t have to endure this recent crisis, we are beyond grateful that it didn’t end in tragedy. And we’re happy to have emerged from it with more clarity and direction. 

Thanks for sticking with us, y’all. We have a lot of love for you. 

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